Spring Lark began in 2010 with an aim to produce high quality gifts and accessories for homes and children. All of my handcrafted items are made in my Yorkshire Studio, many of which are personalised, making them perfect keepsake gifts.

I set up this blog to document the highs and lows of running the business and the family life that runs along side it. Please comment and let me know what you think, I would welcome any feedback, tips and advice!

My website is: http://www.springlark.com



2 Responses to About

  1. Maria says:

    Please could you tell me where you got your shed from. We live near Manchester and can’t decide between a log cabin or a shed we insulate ourselves. Would appreciate any tips. Thanks

    • springlark says:

      Hi Maria, The shed was here when we bought the house. It is about 10x12ft and is a summer house (a shed with a window :-))
      We have insulated all the walls and ceiling with loft insulator and sheets of wood. It definitely doesn’t look as pretty on the inside as it did before but it makes a huge difference and I can now work in there all year round with just a little heater on.It is warmer than the house often and seems to retain the heat well.
      The window we have put a sheet of thick perspex to add insulation so its only the door that is the same.
      I have painted all the inside cream to look a little nice!
      Hope this helps.

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