A Good Week!

Along with the manic sewing ready for all my pre Christmas Fairs, there has been lots of planning!

My brilliant father-in-law has made me all the furniture I need for my stand at the Country Living Fair next month. I have made a start on working out what goes where, our dining room has taken a battering but its only for a short while!!!!



I have a table with 6 more crates on to go to the left of this and some hooks for my knitting bags. I feel better seeing it for real and I can visualise how it will all look now. 

Insight Magazine awarded me a Certificate of Excellence for Homemade Products 2012-13! Yay! 



A good boost!

I received a glossy cardboard stand featuring my Bob Bob Bobbing Cushion when it was featured on their emporium pages. It looks great and will be on my stand at the Fair.



The Harrogate Country Living Fair leaflet has my personalised Robin stocking in it! That was a nice surprise, and hopefully fruitful. 

ImageIts just in the centre of the leaflet. 

If you look 4 pictures to the right there is a little Christmas mouse made by the very talented Kirsten of Quernus Crafts www.quernuscrafts.co.uk. Kirsten’s website is well worth a look and she will be at the Harrogate fair with her little creatures.

So it has been a good week! With less than a month until Country Living Fair and several fairs between, my best friend will be my sewing machine!


About springlark

Welcome to my blog! Thank you for taking a look. I live in Leeds with my husband and 2 boys. I have a small studio at the end of the garden which I hide away in sewing all day long! I design and make gifts and accessories which I sell through shops and online.
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