Sewing on the go!

Still on a countdown to the end of term, I have been stock making like mad! 

This is the wedding picture I made for a customer last week, it was a present for her friend.


Lots of pocket mirrors and lavender hearts, knitting bags and broches. 

The boys both have lots going on at the moment, it was Theo’s sports day on wednesday afternoon. The sun came out which was a rare sight this week! 


It was a long 2 hour sports day and although it was great watching them all, Theo only ran for about 3 minutes of it! So I took a little sewing to keep me entertained!!!! Time is precious!


My friend Carol sent me this photo. She also sent me lots of photos of Theo running, thank you Carol. x

I had a stall at Kieran’s school this week as well. I decided last year that I wouldn’t do school fairs anymore because they are usually more about parents spending loose change on fairy cakes and lucky dips! I did this one because I help out at the school every Tuesday and know lots of the staff and parents so thought it would be a sociable day if nothing else. It turned out to be a successful day though! I had made lots of mirrors and lavender hearts as they are my lower priced items but I ended up selling peg bags, knitting bags and left with a few potential orders to sort. All in all it was a well spent 3 hours! I even had a little helper, Kieran was out, Rob was working, so Theo came with me. He was brilliant, he helped carry all the stuff in and set the table up, he helped sell and pack up! I was really impressed with him. 


To end the week, both the boys had their Taekwondo gradings today and earned their next belts. They did really well, they were there for 2 1/2 hours so we nipped down to Costa for a drink and I managed to finish sewing a few Brooches whilst we chatted -child free! 


I have a table at the Shipley Alternative Market in Shipley next week, this has always been one of my favourite events, its always a friendly atmosphere and a good mix of stalls and people. So I will restock my peg bags and knitting bags, I may even make some new products ready for Saturday. If your around please come down and see me and all the other stalls there.




About springlark

Welcome to my blog! Thank you for taking a look. I live in Leeds with my husband and 2 boys. I have a small studio at the end of the garden which I hide away in sewing all day long! I design and make gifts and accessories which I sell through shops and online.
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