Sunshine and Showers!

This week has been split down the middle between sewing and admin! I have caught up with all my accounts which is a relief and spent time applying to new craft fairs for later in the year. 

I have been accepted to the British Craft Trade Fair next April which is really exciting and a big step forward! I need to make sure everything is spot on with all my product lines, pricing, trade packs, and presentation of my stand – gulp!!! Slightly nervous already!!!

‘From the Wilde’ did a photo shoot a few weeks back and included a great photo of my wedding bunting in their blog.

They sell all of my wedding collection in their online shop along with loads of other fabulous gifts and will soon have my other personalised gifts too.

I’ve had a great run on personalised hearts this week.


Delivered lots of new stock to Hand Made in Bradford and had a Personalised frame order.


The beginning of the week was beautiful, I sat cutting out fabrics on the hammock in the garden, managed to dry the tent out from last weeks down pour and the kids even went to school in shorts again – yay! On Thursday the heavens opened and we’d have been as well swimming to school! 

Cricket was cancelled again and Theo’s first cub camp was rescued by sleeping in the hut! The campsite was flooded so they came back to the hut and caught the train to go bowling and swimming in the next town. The weather improved on Saturday and they managed to sleep in the field at the back for the second night. They had a great time, ate lots of sweets, fish & chips for dinner, and came home looking exhausted but happy!


It was strange sending him off for the weekend, Kieran went for a sleepover at a friends house as well so we were kid-free! We went to our friends 40th party and had a great night, coming in in the early hours of the morning with no babysitter to pay! 

Today was Guiseley Carnival so we went down in the sunshine to watch them all go past. Kieran finished the day at a party and once again I will be sending them back to school more tired than they left!! 


About springlark

Welcome to my blog! Thank you for taking a look. I live in Leeds with my husband and 2 boys. I have a small studio at the end of the garden which I hide away in sewing all day long! I design and make gifts and accessories which I sell through shops and online.
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