I love weddings! This month we have 2 family weddings.

Jon and Helen, my brother and sister-in-law got married last week at the beautiful Walcott Hall in Shropshire.

It was perfect! The sun shone, the venue was stunning and everyone had a lovely time!

We arrived on Friday to a long table piled high with flowers bought from the market that morning and about 30 jugs, all different shapes and sizes which had been collected from charity shops and car boot sales. As people arrived, they helped fill the jugs with the beautiful flowers. Floristry has never been a strength of mine, but it was difficult to go wrong with so many flowers to choose from!

The accommodation ranged from a Gypsy caravan, Shepherds Hut, Yurt, and an old Chapel to apartments in the main building. There was somewhere for everyone.Image

My father-in-law and his friends hosted a fantastic BBQ for about 80 people which went down a storm! It was a great chance to meet everyone before the big day. The children could run around safely with a playhouse, rope swing and plenty of open space.


The Saturday was just as good and very relaxed. The ceremony was perfect, with a gospel choir and everyone dressed to impress.


The boys were fantastic page boys and did us proud. They had lots of fun running around!Image

After the photographs was Pimm’s O’clock! Yay! Endless supplies of Pimm’s and Canape’s, followed by tea and cakes on the lawn, what more could we want?

The meal was scrummy and the speeches went down well. I had made embroidered hoops to go on each table and I was really pleased with how they looked. Helen had made knitted fruit and vegetables to go on the tables, the kids loved pretending to eat them and they made for a great clean food fight!


The bunting I made them was hung on the enormous fireplaces.ImageImage

I had been asked by Helen to make the bridesmaids personalised pictures. It was a challenge but I was pleased with the result. She wanted to have the house they used to live in together when they were students, a sign on the door staying ‘Steve’, a burglar passed out on the doorstep with a swag bag, a tent, a stethoscope in the road, (all of which meant something to them!) butterflies flying around, a couple of other quirky additions and the 5 of them in front! I have never had such a complex commission! It took a lot of hours sewing but thankfully they were all pleased with their presents.


Everyone partied and the night went on til the early hours. It was a really great weekend and I think you’ll agree they looked amazing.


My brother gets married next weekend and I can’t wait! I have spent the week making their table plan, name cards, and table centres but not a stitch in sight! Their theme involves no sewing, but I have enjoyed the change and spending time designing on the computer and cutting! I’m sure it will be another perfect weekend.



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Welcome to my blog! Thank you for taking a look. I live in Leeds with my husband and 2 boys. I have a small studio at the end of the garden which I hide away in sewing all day long! I design and make gifts and accessories which I sell through shops and online.
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  1. What an adorable wedding! I love the table numbers!

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