Plans to Take Over the World! -maybe!

Happy New Year!!!

We had a great Christmas with all our family and even celebrated my Grandad’s 90th Birthday.



In all honesty it was a relief to finish the Christmas Fairs, I loved everyone of them but I did miss a weekend lie-in!



Of all the fairs I did, the Corn Exchange in Leeds was one of my favourites. It looks pretty and festive and I was always surrounded by familiar friendly stallholders.

After all the fun of Christmas things have calmed down! All orders were completed and sent on time and I have now begun making new designs and working out dates for this years fairs.



There’s a lot planned for this year, I am attending the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate in April and plenty of retail fairs too!



I spent the first week of the New Year sorting out my work space and playing with my shiny new sewing machine 🙂



I then made up this collection of cushions for a lovely lady I met at the Country Living Fair in Harrogate last month. She is taking them out to Australia for all her Great Nieces and Nephews.



And now I’m working on new designs! My aim is to launch my new designs on my website in the next couple of weeks and deliver them to both Hand Made in Bradford and Fabrication in Leeds. I would love then to contact new outlets and, with the help of the BCTF in April, expand Spring Lark! Who knows where I’ll be this time next year – I plan to take over the world, ha ha!



This is a picture I made for my parents-in-law for Christmas. It is St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall in the distance where we went on our holiday last summer. It is a combination of needle felting and embroidery.


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Merry Christmas!

Its been a while! 

The last 3 months have been amazing! I have been brilliantly busy and now need to take Christmas time to decide Spring Lark will go in 2013.

At the end of last month I did the Country Living Fair in Harrogate. I have never done a large retail fair before and the thought of it was far more daunting than the reality! I met lots of new customers and had great feedback. The stall looked just as I had planned it and I am already tweaking it for next year!!!! I had lots of follow up orders from all over the country following the fair, so it was all very positive and worth all the late nights!


I plan to make new products in 2013, many of which will have come from feedback at the Country Living and other Fairs I have been to. I have had lots of requests for Owls and Campervan iPhone covers! Also many of my Camper van cushions and iPad/kindle cosys were bought by people as gifts for people who had either had one or would like one. I had a couple which were bought for people who had campervan’s as their wedding car! 

Also the Bob Bob Bobbing Cushion, I had lots of lovely comments from people who remember singing the song as a child, and several bought as gifts for uncles/husbands and brothers called Bob! 

I will try to come up with new designs in the New Year taking objects, songs or images that people can relate to – any ideas always welcome!!!

I am working towards the British Craft Trade Fair in April now which is my next adventure, I’ve not done a trade fair before so lots of planning necessary! 

But for new, I’m off to spend Christmas with family and will be back sewing in the New Year!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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A Good Week!

Along with the manic sewing ready for all my pre Christmas Fairs, there has been lots of planning!

My brilliant father-in-law has made me all the furniture I need for my stand at the Country Living Fair next month. I have made a start on working out what goes where, our dining room has taken a battering but its only for a short while!!!!



I have a table with 6 more crates on to go to the left of this and some hooks for my knitting bags. I feel better seeing it for real and I can visualise how it will all look now. 

Insight Magazine awarded me a Certificate of Excellence for Homemade Products 2012-13! Yay! 



A good boost!

I received a glossy cardboard stand featuring my Bob Bob Bobbing Cushion when it was featured on their emporium pages. It looks great and will be on my stand at the Fair.



The Harrogate Country Living Fair leaflet has my personalised Robin stocking in it! That was a nice surprise, and hopefully fruitful. 

ImageIts just in the centre of the leaflet. 

If you look 4 pictures to the right there is a little Christmas mouse made by the very talented Kirsten of Quernus Crafts Kirsten’s website is well worth a look and she will be at the Harrogate fair with her little creatures.

So it has been a good week! With less than a month until Country Living Fair and several fairs between, my best friend will be my sewing machine!

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My Unexpected Week.

All planning for Christmas is well under way. I started the week stock making for a new store opening in Leeds this week. Its a great new shop called Fabrication which is in the old Confetti shop in the Light, right in the centre of Leeds. Dawn has done a fabulous job of cleaning it all up and about 50 local designer makers from around Yorkshire have been stocking it with a great variety of goods. It opened on Saturday and is well worth a look if your in town.


On Wednesday morning I’d received the worst call! My Nana had just died that morning. The rest of the week seems to have fallen apart. It was a shock, she was supposed to be invincible! She was 84 and a very happy caring and beautiful person. All our family are very close and never more than now. She celebrated her 60th wedding anniversary to my Grandtom in February which seems like yesterday. It doesn’t seem real!


So I finished the week designing my Nana’s service sheet for the funeral this Friday and my boys have drawn her pictures to go in her coffin.

I still worked, I just didn’t manage to deliver the amount of stock I’d have liked to Leeds, I had a stall at Shipley Alternative which was quiet but I had a good time chatting with friends to pass the time and I went to a friends house for a shopping evening which was successful. I also was lucky enough to have my Bob Bobbing Cushion featured in the November Country Living Magazine, so not all bad!


This week I have lots of work to do, stocking up on Bob Bob Bobbing Cushions, Campervan cushions and doorstops. I must start making cinnamon stars and hearts too. I can then deliver them to where they need to go next week, after I’ve said my goodbye to Nana. x

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Festival and Campervans!

Its been a while!

With lots going on, the boys back at school and Christmas just around the corner, (well almost!) I thought i’d check in!

Last weekend was Saltaire Festival which was such a good event! I had a very supportive army of helpers who helped me set up, sell, hand leaflets out and pack up in the pouring rain. Big thank you to David, Ruth, John, Marie, and my parents. All in all it was a big success. Image

My new ipad, kindle cosies and cushion covers went down well and the campervans attracted positive attention.


The Country Living Fair in Harrogate is 10 weeks away now, and although I have events before then, its definitely taking up more hours in designing the stand, painting, and stock making.


We’ve had a brilliant summer, but its time to increase the workload now


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Campervan Mad!

I have started my count down to Country Living Fair! Its not until 29th November, but 15 weeks will go so quickly with 3 weeks of the summer holidays left and I have another big event in September.

I sat down and worked out what and how much (complete guess!) I need to make each week!

I like lists so it feels good and will hopefully keep me on track!

I made 21 ipad cosies this week in a bid to get me started, I also packaged my greetings cards, made some scotty dog items and a coule of personalised cushions.



The weather this week has been hot and sunny, just how we like it! We have met friends and been to a different park each day for a picnic. I love having the boys at home in the summer. 

We went to East Riddlesden Hall in Keighley today for a family fun day. I had a stall selling all my Spring Lark goods. It went well, I handed out lots of business cards, had some personalised enquiries and made some sales too! Best of all, our friends came down so we spent a great afternoon chatting in the park, ate fish and chips, the kids played beautifully and I took some money – it hardly seems like work!!



Kieran and his friend fishing at Ilkley Park.

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Spring Lark Video

Gifts and decorative accessories, personalised for your home & special occasions.

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